Handmade Ceramic Cactus Ring Holder AM-112A93M0
$90.61 $23.24
This cute cactus is made of white earthenware c..
Purple and Teal Fractal Round Wood Trinket Ring Gift Box AM-A27421A2
$76.99 $16.90
Purple and Teal Fractal print wood trinket box...
Cact Xeriscape #5 Desert Ring Post AM-2M9A9291
$86.53 $30.13
Trendy cacti sculpture, mounted on a beautiful ..
Jewel Encrusted Jewelry Box AM-26A5M613
$275.60 $116.03
This Victorian inspired design is hand carved i..
Handmade Ceramic Sleeping Fox Dish AM-388M87A4
$88.79 $34.65
This ceramic dish is made of white earthenware ..
2013 Nickel for 5 Years and Counting Gift for Him or Her 5th Anniversary AM-A0875A09
$99.15 $28.87
I have hand stamped "5 years & counting" on the..
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